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  • 專業銷售西瑪牌大中型高壓電機、低壓電機、交流電機、直流電機、變頻電機、防爆電機等各種三相異步異步電機!





    Shaanxi Yibu Simo Motor Co., Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harbin Tech Full Electric Co., Ltd, a large-scale enterprise specializing in researching and manufacturing of large/medium-sized, high/low voltage and AC/DC motors, synchronous motor, high/low voltage three phase AC synchronous generators, DC generator, explosion-proof motor in Chinese mechanical industry. It is the supplier of dynamical systems which integrating the automation and complete-installation engineering of motor design manufacturing, mechanical processing, mold/die making, quality system, The company has been certified by quality systems, environmental and occupational health system. Read More

    Our Advantages

    The Company has always adhered to the factory policy of “First-rate Product, First-rate Management, First-rate Service”, and the “three mentalities” service concept of “Simo always endeavors heart and soul with honesty, intimacy and concentration”.

    • Company’s products fall in 34 major series, 2000 varieties, more than 19,500 specifications, the power range from 0.35kW to 19,000 kW. Among them, YE3 series low voltage premium efficiency three phase asynchronous motor

    • 榮膺中國機械行業100強,陜西省高新技術企業稱號,擁有200余項榮譽資質,CE、UL、GOST等出口認證。

    • 咨詢選型-電機采購-配套控制柜-按期交貨-安裝調試-用戶使用-售后服務-維修服務-配件服務。

    • 強大的售后服務網點遍布全國各地,快捷時效,向全國用戶發布“售后服務承諾書”,24小時值守。

    • 西安西瑪電機下設3個電機制造分廠,2個生產準備輔助分廠,1個再制造子公司,常規電機和配件均現貨銷售。


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